Carlson & Burnett to Provide Tax Opinion Letter

Carlson & Burnett Attorneys at Law will provide tax opinion letters for tax filers utilizing the Monetized Deferred Payment Transaction (U.S. Patent Pending) MDPT. A tax opinion letter created by Carlson & Burnett, working with the taxpayer’s CPA or attorney, will make certain that the MDPT documents comply with the current IRS Code and Regulations.

Carlson & Burnett’s tax opinion letter reduces the taxpayer’s exposure with the added protection from penalty assessments. While IRS penalty protection is a legal motivation to write a tax opinion, the opinion letter has additional value. Carlson & Burnett’s insight into the installment contract requirements along with its corresponding tax effects will provide added assurance that favorable tax treatment is obtained.

Farm tax transactions can be complex and can be structured in a host of different ways with varied tax effects. Carlson & Burnett’s review of the tax effects utilizing MDPT, creates an independent perspective as they are not acting as the seller’s own tax advisor. Rather, they serve as an independent review to provide an added layer of comfort to the seller to enable financial planning for the future.

Contact Darren R. Carlson at Carlson & Burnett to schedule a consultation regarding a tax opinion letter and how MDPT would apply to your farm land or commodity sale. Carlson & Burnett is located at 17525 Arbor St. in Omaha, NE and can be reached at (402) 216-0361.

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