Farm Journal Webinar

Updated: Feb 17

Farmers First Trust is partnering with Carlson & Burnett to bring farm and ranch land sellers information that will preserve the value of their farm. Farm Journal/AgWeb is hosting the webinar on January 28th at 1pm Central. This free webinar is open to all farm and ranch landowners who have listed or are thinking about listing their land for sale. To sign up, just enter your information at Preserve the Value of Your Farm at the Farm Journal web site and join in at 1pm Central.

Mike Gustafson of Farmers First Trust will be presenting the value MDPT brings to a farm family when they are able to pocket significantly more dollars after the sale. Darren Carlson of Carlson & Burnett Attorneys at Law is the leading expert regarding Section 453 and will provide the US Tax law that supports MDPT along with the long history behind Section 453. Darren has also published a recent article in the Creighton University Law Review providing a detailed explanation of Section 453 and its application to agriculture.

The one hour webinar can be viewed by registering here.

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