Monetized Installment Sale – Darren Carlson

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Farmers First Trust is mentioned in the June, 2019 edition of ‘Lawyer Monthly’ magazine. Darren Carlson of Carlson and Burnett Attorneys at Law in Omaha, NE was interviewed by ‘Lawyer Monthly’ to gain his insight into the monetized installment sale.

The article is entitled “What Are Monetized Installment Sales?” that provides background to the monetized installment sale which is the legal structure utilized in Farmers First Trust’s Monetized Deferred Payment Transaction MDPT.

Darren’s expertise in the monetized installment sale tax law coupled with his knowledge of agriculture provides a powerful combination for farmers and farmland owners looking to improve their operation.

In the article, Darren states, “…recent standardizations of the documentation by Farmers First Trust Company DST have made the monetization of these transactions accessible to nearly all farmers. As a result, no longer is the monetization of the deferred sale reserved for multi-million dollar transactions and can now economically be completed with transactions as small as one million dollars.’

Darren applies his expertise in writing tax opinion letters for farmers and farmland owners who utilize MDPT.

Darren can be reached at (402) 216-0361 or email at

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